About Aileen McEwen

I am interested in cultural definitions of beauty, taste and value, focusing on the play between individuality and the wider regulative forces of society. My work engages with illusion and desire as it relates to domestic interiors as a symbol of culturally defined, aspirational living. The work takes the form of paintings, depicting interior spaces that appear staged or false, that function as totems of aspiration and prescribed cultural ideals. 



A Breath From The Drawing Room, solo show, Battletown Gallery, Northern Ireland, 22 October ā€“ 22 November 2013

Young Masters Tour, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Travelling Show UK, June ā€“ July 2013

New Faces, Leith Gallery, Edinburgh, February ā€“ March 2013

Saatchi New Sensations, Victoria House, London, October 2012

New Generation, Compass Gallery, Glasgow July 2012

New Firm, Candid Arts Trust London, July 2012

Degree Show Glasgow School of Art, June 2012

A Room of Ones Own, Glasgow School of Art, Group Exhibition, Glasgow, May 2011

24 Dunearn Street, Group Exhibition, Glasgow, Nov 2010

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